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What is meant by the term “geographical indication“, which is the only type of industrial property right that is dependent on a specific place and defines the product-geographical origin relationship, is that a product is identified with a region/geography, that some or all of its features originate from this region, and within this framework, in the eyes of the consumer. it has a certain recognition and quality. Geographical indications are registered as a name of origin or a sign of origin according to their characteristics.


Names that are proven to have been used traditionally for at least thirty years to describe a product in the relevant market that are not covered by the name of origin or the sign of origin are defined as the designations of origin if they meet at least one of the following conditions:

a) Originating from a conventional production or processing method or a traditional composition.
b) Being produced from traditional raw materials or materials.

As DIŞ PATENT, we provide our clients with helpful, guiding and supportive services in all domestic and international processes regarding Geographical Indication and Designations of Origin Registration .

Our main service items related to Geographical Indication and Designations of Origin registration processes are as follows:

 Preliminary search before national application
 National and International Geographical indication and Designations of Origin application and follow-up of processes
 National and international similar geographical indication bulletin objection
 Geographical indication application, process and system determination training

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