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Trademarks may consist of any signs like words, including personal names, figures, letters, numbers, and the shape of goods or their packaging, which can be displayed by drawings or expressed in a similar manner, published and reproduced by printing, provided that they enable the goods or services of one undertaking to be distinguished from the goods or services of another undertaking.

To briefly summarize TRADEMARK, it is the commercial value and immovable property of a company.

As DIŞ PATENT, we provide our clients with helpful, guiding and supportive services in all domestic and international processes regarding Trademark Registrations.

Our main services for trademark registration are as follows:

 Preliminary search before national application
Normal and consent applications and follow-up of the processes
 Protection – Color – Sound and Motion trademark application and follow-up of processes
WELL-KNOWN MARK applications and follow-up of the processes
 Trademark similarity tracking (Competitor analysis – trademark phonetic similarity)
 National and international similar trademark bulletin objection
Presenting an opinion against the national and international objection / objection to the decision
 National and international trademark renewal processes
 International trademark application (WIPO – EUTM – COUNTRY)
Trademark monitoring for similarity worldwide/objection procedures
 National and international address, type, title changes/transfer, license, inheritance transactions, etc.
– Trademark awareness training