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A utility model is a registration granted for inventions that have novelty and applicability to industry. Since utility models are not subject to the examination phase, they result in a shorter time compared to the patent registration process and provide an advantage in terms of cost.

The utility model gives the applicant the right to use the invention and to prevent unauthorized use by third parties for 10 years.

As DIŞ PATENT, we provide our clients with helpful, guiding and supportive services in all processes, both domestic and international, regarding Utility Model Registrations.

Our main service items related to utility model processes are as follows:

 Novelty preliminary search (using national and international databases)
– Specification writing or revision (Construction, mechanical, electricity, electronics, devices and hardware used in the health sector, apparatus, etc…)
 Opposition / Objection
 Technical opinion
 Freedom to Operate search
 Claim violation analysis
 Country validity search
 Follow-up of application processes
 Making relevant domestic and international notifications
 Foreign applications (PCT, EP etc.)
 Patent / Utility Model Educational Program
 Bulletin tracking / Patent tracking

Module 1: Industrial Property Rights: Awareness Training
Module 2: Industrial Property Rights: Patent / Utility Model Training
Module 3: Industrial Property Rights: Novelty Search Training
Module 4: Field Analysis: Innovation Capacity – Product and Process Analysis
Module 5: Industrial Property Rights: Description/Claim Interpretation Training
Module 6: Industrial Property Law Implementation Regulation: Application Training for Employees’ Inventions
Module 7: Scope of Protection of the Industrial Property Law and Rights Acquired: Patent / Utility Model Registration Rights License Agreement Types
Module 8: Industrial Property Rights: Freedom to Operate Search Training
Module 9: Industrial Property Rights: Domestic / Foreign Patent – Utility Model Application Training

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