Uber, AL Sistemi İçin Patent Başvurusunda Bulundu

Uber Files Patent for AL System

Uber has applied for a patent for a technological device that helps detect the unusual situations of drunk passengers. The patent in question contains the outlines of the system used by the technological device, which is the subject of the patent, to detect the unusual behavior of the passengers.

While there is no information about what these unusual behaviors might be, the language used in the report gives clues that the said unusual behavior may correspond to drunkenness and fatigue. The system makes it possible to detect the aforementioned abnormality by detecting criteria such as the distance traveled by the passengers and the speed at which they use the application at that distance, the angles of holding the phone, the speed of using the keys and the error rates they make in parallel.

The patent application explains that if an “unusual” passenger is detected, several options may arise. For example, a user can be matched with a specific driver, the driver can receive an alert about the possible status of the passenger, and alternative pickup and drop-off locations can even be suggested. Uber says this technology will make travel safer, avoiding incidents of safety and personal conflict that can arise when users and drivers engage in unusual behavior.

Uber’s patent application was filed in 2016 and was published last Thursday. However, apart from the existence of the patent, there is no further evidence yet that Uber plans to add this feature to its app.

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