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The appearance of all or a part of a product or the ornament on it resulting from features such as line, shape, form, color, material or surface texture is called design. Briefly, design is defined as the view of the whole or part of two-dimensional or three-dimensional products. Design registration is an industrial property right that protects the external appearance of the products. With a simple definition, we can call it the protection of the external appearance of a product by photographing.

Production method, intended use of the product, functional features or technical benefits cannot be protected by design registration. Such features or technical benefits can be protected by patent/utility model applications.

As DIŞ PATENT, we provide our clients with helpful, guiding and supportive services in all domestic and international processes regarding Design Registration.

Our main services for designs are as follows:

 Preliminary search before national application
 Follow-up of applications and processes
– Proprietary design similarity tracking (Competitor analysis – product analysis)
 National/International similar design bulletin objection
– Presenting an opinion against the national/international objection/objection to the decision
 National/International design renewal processes
– International design application